The Path to Success – IT Network Infrastructure

At JDL Group we help your organization plan, design, build, and maintain a cutting-edge network that will meet your company’s growing needs and be flexible enough to adapt to future business and technological shifts. As the demand for proprietary applications grows, i.e., file sharing, streaming of high resolution content, and customer relationship management systems, just to name a few, so does the need for seamless access to accelerated and virtual networks where data can be stored and retrieved with zero downtime.

The Need for a Strong IT Network

Your IT network is the foundation of your business and even a few hours of downtime can wreak havoc on your company, employees and clients. The cost can be in the thousands of dollars to your organization. Not to mention that if you are working with sensitive data, it is a priority that your network infrastructure is safe and secure.

IT Network Growth and Flexibility

The JDL Group, together with our innovative partners, will help expand your IT network to be flexible and forward thinking:

  • Complete a comprehensive network assessment
  • Monitor and prioritize your network traffic through quality of service controls
  • Quickly scale bandwidth in real-time to meet business and application demands
  • Connect separate network structures together across great distances
  • Structure wireless networks for mobile connectivity so staff and clients can access anything from anywhere
  • Enhance speed and reliability through a private network connection
  • Leverage the public Internet to securely transfer data for agility and maximum business impacts

Customized IT Solutions in New Jersey

At JDL Group we will configure all the features and functionality needed for a healthy, robust network. Whether you are moving to a new location, considering updating your current IT network, or starting a new enterprise from scratch, JDL Group will give you the cutting-edge technology and customized solutions to support your network.

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Network Partners

Talari Networks is the trusted SD-WAN technology and market leader, engineers the internet and branch for maximum business impact by designing failsafe WANs that deliver superior business-critical application reliability and resiliency, while unlocking the simplification and cost reduction benefits of branch consolidation.

Pluribus Networks provides Software-Defined fabric networking, network visualization, and performance analytics software solutions that enable organizations to build scalable and public clouds that improve security service velocity, performance, and reliability.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a business-centric organization that focuses on servers, storage, networking, consulting and support services.

Damage from the Meltdown and Spectre CPU exploits

The shocking Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, discovered independently by multiple researchers, take advantage of fundamental design flaws in all chips manufactured through December 2017. The result is an extraordinary security risk to the data of any application on an OS supported by the exploited CPU types.