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Protecting Patient Information from Ransomware
The health care industry was the target in 88% of all ransomware attacks on US industries in 2016. The perpetrators of these malicious attacks have realized that the health care industry is particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks and has a major [...]
How to Reduce Your Law Firm’s Cyber Risk
Experts agree that cybersecurity threats present significant risks to businesses, including law firms. Clients place a great deal of trust in law firms, which have a clear duty to protect their clients’ sensitive information. While bigger [...]
Hackers Hold Entire School District To Ransom
In another example of the sign of the times, this story, written by Lisa Vaas at computer security company SOPHOS, outlines how hackers target schools with Ransomware: by Lisa Vaas An entire US school district in Flathead Valley, Montana, shut [...]
Responding to a Data Breach Best Practices
All organizations, private or public, depend on stored data. Companies and governments implement procedures to protect their data, especially Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Despite this, breaches continue to happen and every organization [...]
Why Law Firms Need to Make Cybersecurity a Priority
Are Law Firms Prepared for Malware Attacks? A majority of law firms are unprepared to defend against a cyber-attack, primarily because of financial limitations in their budgets and/or a fundamental lack of appreciation for the full scope of the [...]
Your Business Should Be in the Headlines for the Right Reasons, Not for a Cyber Attack
Today’s headlines are peppered with stories of major companies and institutions falling victim to a cyberattack. As a business owner, what’s your response to these gut-wrenching stories? If you write them off as fear mongering and believe that [...]
Tip of the Week: How to Be Active and Proactive With Your Network
Security troubles have many causes, but the only way to protect your business from any of them is to implement a comprehensive enterprise-level security solution. There are two other ways that you can work to protect your business, implementing [...]
Alert: 33.7 Millions Records Released to Public Due to Leak of Massive Marketing Database
In recent news, millions of records containing personal information were made available to the public in a sizable data leak, providing potential scammers with plenty of information to utilize in their schemes. These records were all part of a 53 GB [...]
These Police Officers Called for Backup… and it was Infected with Ransomware
The police exist to serve, protect, and enforce the law, but who can we turn to if even the cops are made victim of a cyberattack? This is the question the residents of Cockrell, Texas have to answer, as their police department fell victim to a [...]