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Alert: 33.7 Millions Records Released to Public Due to Leak of Massive Marketing Database
In recent news, millions of records containing personal information were made available to the public in a sizable data leak, providing potential scammers with plenty of information to utilize in their schemes. These records were all part of a 53 GB [...]
These Police Officers Called for Backup… and it was Infected with Ransomware
The police exist to serve, protect, and enforce the law, but who can we turn to if even the cops are made victim of a cyberattack? This is the question the residents of Cockrell, Texas have to answer, as their police department fell victim to a [...]
JDL Group Inc. Receives 2017 Best of Berkeley Heights Award
BERKELEY HEIGHTS March 22, 2017 -- JDL Group Inc. has been selected for the 2017 Best of Berkeley Heights Award in the Computers & Electronics category by the Berkeley Heights Award Program. Each year, the Berkeley Heights Award Program [...]
Tip of the Week: You May Want to Remove Your Wi-Fi Information From the WiGLE Database
The next time you look at your device’s available Wi-Fi connections when in public, take a look at what some of the local connection names are. Chances are that you’ll see some names that match a nearby organization or family. Others might still [...]
Productivity Suffers Without a Cohesive IT Plan
There are right ways and wrong ways to do many things, and managing IT is no exception. Many businesses, especially small ones, are left susceptible to issues and vulnerabilities in their network. What’s worse, these are often networks that are [...]
Here’s a Cost-Effective Alternative to Onboarding Additional IT Staff
An internal IT department serves two primary purposes for businesses. The first is to keep an eye on your technology problems and resolve them. The second is to plan for the future and implement new strategies that will help your organization [...]
How Vizio Got Busted for Spying on Its Customers
What have you watched on TV lately? Actually, never mind; if you don’t want to tell us, we can just ask Vizio. Relax--we’re not actually going through with this, but the fact remains that 11 million owners of Vizio televisions had their viewing [...]
Tip of the Week: Stuck Using a Public PC? Be Sure to Follow These 2 Privacy Tips
Full disclosure: we don’t recommend doing anything important, or really anything at all, on a public computer. However, we understand that sometimes life works out in an unideal fashion, and sometimes you can be stuck doing something you [...]
Worried About Identity Theft at Work? Follow These Tips for Peace of Mind
The Bureau of Justice estimated that five percent of the entire U.S. population were victimized by identity thieves, a total of 11.7 million people. While the methods of collecting the data that identity thieves need to commit their crime vary from [...]
Let the 80/20 Rule Be Your Guide for IT Security
IT security is something that businesses of all shapes, sizes, and varieties have to be concerned about. You’ll be faced with the question of whether you have adequate security practices on a daily basis. For help with understanding why the [...]