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Category Archives: "Education"

Broadband Bonding – Fast, Secure and Reliable Internet Connectivity
The coronavirus has already caused major disruptions worldwide and these disruptions figure to increase both in number and severity over the coming months. As institutions struggle to deal with canceled educational activities, quarantines and [...]
Changes in Education due to pandemic
February and March 2020 will be remembered as closing months in most of the country’s education systems. Schools from the United States are also not spared from the global lockdown. World bank has noted “the COVID-19 pandemic is causing more [...]
Phishing Attack + IT Incompetence = $200,000 Ransomware Payout for University
The recent attack on a Dutch university demonstrates much of what IT organizations shouldn’t do to avoid an attack. According to Michiel Borgers, Chief Information Officer at Maastricht University, their network was the target of a [...]
Why schools are “Failing” in Cyber-Security
In November 2019, New Jersey’s Livingston was forced to open school on a two-hour delay as they worked to wrestle control of their systems back from a ransomware attack. That attack managed to take data and systems offline across nine district [...]
Cyber Attackers Targeting Education
Cyber-criminals are opportunistic: if they see an easy target ripe with sensitive data, they are going to take advantage. There are several key factors that combine to make schools easy and profitable targets. The first is that most institutions [...]
3 Approaches School Districts Can Take To Protect Against Increasing Cyber Attacks
Ransomware attacks and data breaches continue to show no signs of slowing down. Companies across many industry verticals fall victim to what seems to be an almost daily occurrence. Most recently, the education sector is proving to be an easy & [...]