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First Ever 2019 NYSBA Technology Summit
The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) is launching their inaugural Tech Summit this September. During the summit, JDL will be hosting a booth and offering Free Dark Web Scans in addition to a raffle for a Security Assessment Plus.  We [...]
Managing Risks in Healthcare Cyber Security
Healthcare is one of the industries most threatened by cybersecurity risks. It has been forecasted that the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will grow from an estimated 4.5 billion devices in 2015 to as many as 30 billion by 2020. Private [...]
Three Methods Schools Can Use To Improve Cyber Security
Of the many enterprises that are susceptible to a cyber attack, K-12 schools fall in the category of most vulnerable. Schools have a great deal to lose, from private records to tests scores, employee and student information, and likely private info [...]
Creating a Cybersecurity Culture
What is a cybersecurity culture? We’ve mentioned more than few times that complete cybersecurity requires more than just a software defense. Establishing a cybersecurity culture at the workplace is regarded as one of the most effective factors [...]
Small Business Cyber Security
In 2018, keeping up with cybersecurity best practices should be of utmost importance for any size business. However, when it comes to small businesses solutions, many options are costly, making owners weary to implement. Hackers and cyber security [...]
The Rise of SD-WAN
What is SD-WAN? One of the growing trends in corporate cyber security has been the adoption SD-WAN, or Software Driven - Wide Area Network, particularly gaining popularity amongst enterprises using more and more Internet devices and applications. [...]
The Corporate Cloud: Cloud Security
The Cloud While the term has floated around the consumer and corporate atmosphere for years, many current users are still unsure of what the cloud exactly is, let alone how to keep themselves protected once in use. The cloud refers to a virtual [...]
The Rise and Risk of IoT Devices in the Workplace
The internet of things (IoT) is a broad term used to describe the network of devices that connect to any particular wireless internet. For example, anything that has “smart” as a prefix is almost guaranteed to need an internet connection, making [...]
Protecting Your Law Firm in 2019: Part 2
In part one of our Protecting Your Law Firm in 2019 blog, we talked about the biggest threats facing law firms in today's virtually connected atmosphere. From phishing attacks to DoDS and ransomware, cyber threats are always lurking, and most of the [...]
5 Tips to Keep Your Mobile Workforce Safe and Secure
The American workforce has seen its fair share of paradigm shifts — globalization, the internet, and the introduction of cargo shorts and sandals in the workplace to name a few. The latest in labor initiatives has been the adoption of remote [...]