Stop Data Breaches Before They Happen

Don’t be caught off guard by your team’s dark web data.

Data breaches happen every day and it is becoming increasingly likely that your employees’ information is being sold on the Dark Web.

By performing detailed Dark Web scans for compromised credentials associated with your domain, JDL Group can help you prevent data breaches before they happen.

Contact Us Today to Receive a Free Dark Web Scan by our Team of Security Experts

Receive a Free Dark Web Scan by our Team of Security Experts

Contact us today for a complimentary baseline security assessment. We’ll analyze your organization’s dark web presence, simulated phishing response, and security awareness training scores. Afterwards, we’ll provide you with a general overview of your human-related security risks.

By sharing the cybersecurity responsibility, we can beat cybercriminals.

1. Find Compromised Data

We perform a dark web scan to locate information, including your employee’s compromised credentials, that is freely available on the dark web.

2. Test Employee Response

Compromised information found on the dark web increases your risk of receiving phishing emails.We’ll test what your employees do when sent a fake phishing email, effectively assessing your human vulnerabilities.

3. Security Awareness Training

We provide security remediation with education. Engaging, video-based security awareness training informs your employees on common security risks, helping them protect themselves and your business.

4. Why is this Necessary?

Technology isn’t enough to prevent cybercriminals from targeting your business. Organizations with limited budgets are often the most vulnerable. Our security measures and education help your staff keep the doors locked against cybercrime.