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Hackers Hold Entire School District To Ransom

Hackers Hold Entire School District To Ransom

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In another example of the sign of the times, this story, written by Lisa Vaas at computer security company SOPHOS, outlines how hackers target schools with Ransomware:

by Lisa Vaas

An entire US school district in Flathead Valley, Montana, shut down for three days after hackers going by the name of “TheDarkOverlord Solutions” targeted several schools, sending death threats to parents and promising to release students’, teachers’ and school administrators’ personal information unless a ransom was paid.

It amounted to disruption of more than 30 schools across the valley, including cancellation of weekend activities and events through the weekend. Classes resumed on Tuesday under heightened security.

Flathead County Sheriff Chuck Curry posted the ransom note on Facebook (with some information redacted), along with a written statement, to alleviate concerns about the physical safety of those in the school community.


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