Legal Security & Compliance

Legal Security & Compliance

It has become increasingly apparent in the past few years that there is an overwhelming need for law firms to have better cybersecurity in order to safeguard client and firm information from the risk of loss from a cyberattack and ransomware. Many are now struggling as breaches in firms have made headlines recently and attorneys’ clients are increasingly asking questions about firm security. If you think you aren’t susceptible you are mistaken!

Law firms, even more so than many other businesses, cannot afford to fall victim to cyberattacks, the most common of which are malware, phishing, ransomware and denial of service attacks. As a matter of fact, details have recently been released about a first class-action lawsuit against a law firm for inadequate security measures. A complaint was filed, Shore v. Johnson & Bell. and alleges that the law firm engaged in “systematically exposing confidential client information and storing client data without adequate security.”

Legal firms of all sizes are now asking:

  • What should we do to keep our systems and data safe?
  • How can we keep this from happening to us?
  • Can we recover data completely and quickly if we should get attacked?
  • How do we prevent ransomware attacks?

At JDL Group we understand the gravity of keeping your law firm’s data safe, your staffs’ and clients’ personal information secure, and what it means to be vulnerable to outside forces. Together with our industry partners we bring the expertise you need and work with your IT and Management teams to:

  • Assess your compliance and security issues
  • Find and remediate risks
  • Deal with demanding statutory & compliance requirements, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI Compliance, and others
  • Protect all of your systems
  • Train your staff to be responsive to possible attacks
  • Update systems regularly
  • Monitor around the clock
  • Offer data loss prevention and backup recovery
  • Leverage industry recognized certified staff and provide sound security solutions
  • Minimize the chance of falling victim to Ransomware


How To Keep Your Law Firm and Clients Safe

JDL Legal Brief: Law Firm Cybersecurity Requirements

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Ransomware is what keeps IT people up at night. It encrypts files, data, and anything it can get its hands on with an unbreakable encryption key and holds you hostage until you pay the financial demands. On top of the monetary losses, which could run in the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, you and your staff have no access to all of your data files, computer server, and emails, sometimes for days or weeks. In the meantime, client and firm information may have been breached!

  • Is your law firm prepared and protected from cyberattacks and ransomware?
  • How does a ransomware attack happen?
  • What can you do to protect your firm?
  • Learn the Nine Best Security Practices to Protect Your Law Firm!

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Many law firms are now asking, “What do we do to keep our systems and data safe and keep something terrible from happening to us?” There is a simple answer…work with an IT company that can build and maintain an enterprise security program (ESP), and then appropriately manage the firm’s digital assets.

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Today’s schools and places of higher education face numerous regulations, guidelines, and protocols that must be met in order for students, faculty and staff to safely utilize networked resources and to secure educational assets such as student records, research data and meet internal policy requirements. JDL Group is Minority & Women Owned Enterprise and a certified SBA Women Owned Small Business.

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Public Sector

Federal, state, and local government agencies, along with countless organizations that provide services to them, process vast amounts of data and sensitive personal information. They are confronted with an increasing number of governance, risk, and compliance regulations that often hinder their day-to-day operations. JDL Group is Minority & Women Owned Enterprise and a certified SBA Women Owned Small Business.

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