Vulnerability Management Solutions

Concerned About Network Security? Trust the JDL Group to protect your data from the cybersecurity risks that plague businesses today.

In the digital age, most businesses rely on technological devices and internet connectivity to get the job done. Of course, like all tools, they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. That’s why data and device security should be a top priority for all business owners. But all too often, firms realize too late that their cyber security measures couldn’t prevent a data breach or cyber attack. That’s why you need cutting edge vulnerability management solutions to protect your company from ever-evolving threats.

Just one breach can spell disaster for almost any enterprise. For law firms, healthcare organizations, and pharmaceutical companies, the stakes are even higher. Because of the increased risks, these companies must also meet strict compliance standards to protect their clients and patients. If sensitive information is stolen or networks are compromised, this could present a colossal risk for everyone involved. With vulnerability management solutions from the JDL Group, you can monitor vital systems, detect threats, and ensure compliance.

Our highly trained and certified IT experts can provide around the clock protection and custom cyber security services. To protect your company’s data, we can provide custom vulnerability management solutions:

  • Provide a detailed assessment of your company’s compliance and security risks
  • Remediate the most imminent risks
  • Help you comply with complex statutory requirements
  • Provide 24/7/365 protection for your computer systems
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Train your employees on cyber security best practices
  • Update systems to protect against new threats

How Vulnerability Management Solutions Can Help In Your Industry

  • Life Sciences: In this notoriously competitive industry, pharmaceutical companies need to do everything they can to protect the sensitive and valuable information contained on their devices and in their networks. Without proper preventative measures, companies may risk theft of clinical trial data and other intellectual property, as well as significant downtime and revenue loss. By conducting regular assessments of your network’s vulnerabilities, you’ll know exactly how to improve your security measures and stay on top of threats.
  • Healthcare: Data records obtained from healthcare facilities are among the most sensitive — and are often the most valuable to cyber criminals. It’s imperative to keep these records (and therefore, both employees and patients) safe. Without a doubt, the optimal way to accomplish this is to focus on your vulnerability management solutions. For example, organizations must ensure that only certain users can access data records, that HIPAA and other compliance regulations are met, and that their systems are being constantly monitored and improved upon to impede attacks.
  • Legal: Like healthcare organizations, law firms are subject to stringent regulations in terms of confidentiality. As law firms utilize technology more and more, the associated security risk increases. To protect client information and meet compliance standards, law firms need to regularly conduct security assessments, identify potential risks, and develop a plan to protect their organizations against cyber crime.

In all of the aforementioned fields, a proactive approach to network and cyber security is an absolute must. But before solutions can be created, the potential problems must be thoroughly understood. That’s where we come in. At JDL Group, we make it our mission to assess and monitor your system, help your organization meet compliance standards, and safeguard your data against threats that may emerge. For more information, contact us today.